The Role of the Orthopedist

If you are experiencing paint in your joints, muscles or bones, your primary care physician may recommend a consultation with a specialist. An orthopedist's medical specialty is the musculoskeletal system, and they have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide treatment and recommendations to get you back on your feet without consistent pain. An orthopedic specialist will help you in the following areas to reduce pain and restore functionality.


After hearing a description of the pain or issues you are facing, an orthopedist will perform several tests to help determine the source of the problem. Since a number of conditions can present with similar symptoms, it is important to get a more throughout overview of your pain for a proper diagnosis. In addition to a physical examination, the orthopedist may also order an MRI, a type of X-ray used to create an image of what is occurring inside of your body. An MRI will be able to verify a diagnosis of specific injuries in your bones, muscles and tendons.

Corrective Surgery

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may require corrective surgery to restore full use of your limbs. With the advent of new technology, many procedures can be performed non-invasively, however breaks and fractures will require full access to the affected area. At Associates in Orthopedics, all of our physicians are board-certified surgeons with affiliations at local hospitals to help our patients through treatment.

Physical Rehabilitation

After your surgery, you will need to rehabilitate your bones or muscles to restore the pre-injury functionality and strength. Your orthopedic specialist will schedule you for regular appointments to examine your surgery site for infections and any other problems that may arise post-operation. Physical therapy sessions can go on from anywhere between a few weeks to several months in order to monitor your recovery.

Orthopedic Practice in North Andover and Haverhill MA

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