Orthopedic Clinic & Treatment in Lawrence, MA

Lawrence, Massachusetts is located mere miles from the New Hampshire border, in the heart of the Merrimack Valley. The community is served by a full public and private school system, as well as being home to three college campuses. Once a center hub of textile mills in the region, the city has evolved to include footwear and electronics in the manufacturing field. With a population of 77,000, injuries are bound to occur due to falls during sports, workouts or other conditions. Associates in Orthopedics is proud to welcome patients from Lawrence to our orthopedic clinic and surgical center.

About Our Orthopedic Practice

Associates in Orthopedics was founded by Dr. Brady in 1979, and has since grown to include four additional board-certified surgeons with different specialties, so patients will always be able to meet with an expert in their injury. Our staff is trained and equipped to provide diagnosis of a range of musculoskeletal issues and conditions, as well as providing medical and surgical treatment options to provide patients with relief and get you back on your feet. Our practice is affiliated with several nearby hospitals, including Merrimack Valley, Holy Family and Lawrence General Hospital, allowing us to stay with patients from initial diagnosis through surgery and rehabilitation.

Some conditions we treat include:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Sports Injuries
  • Shoulder Pain

Orthopedic Diagnosis, Treatment & Physical Therapy in Lawrence, MA

If you have suffered from an orthopedic injury or are experiencing muscle pain, contact Associates in Orthopedics to make an appointment today. We have offices on either side of Lawrence, in Haverhill and North Andover. Our offices are easily accessible to patients in Southern New Hampshire and across the North Shore, providing people in need with a specialized location to get the treatment they need. Associates in Orthopedics can be reached by calling T-978.373.3851.