Gregory K. Johnson, MD

Gregory K. Johnson, MD
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Columbia University School of Medicine, New York, NY
Doctor of Medicine

Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Memberships: Massachusetts Medical Society, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Dr. Johnson has been treating patients since 1981. He specializes in fracture care, joint repair, reconstruction, minimal incision procedures and endoscopic procedures.  Recognized throughout the region as a top orthopedic physician, Dr Johnson is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons AAOS and a guest lecturer at Merrimack Valley Hospital. His goal is to solve musculoskeletal problems promptly, but compassionately for his patients and their families.

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Dr. Gregory Johnson


  • «I destroyed my left knee on my dirt bike – ACL, MCL, knee cap, meniscus – and had so many people tell me to go to Boston for surgery. After I met Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Johnson in Merrimack Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department, I decided to have the surgery there. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and Merrimack Valley Hospital for surgery and physical therapy.»Jason Tattan, Merrimac
  • «Two weeks prior to my total knee replacement surgery I had an MRI so the doctor could have a custom joint replacement implant made just for me. My hospital experience was wonderful from the operating room to recovery and the hospital stay itself. I was walking a little the day after surgery. In two and a half weeks I needed a cane just for balance, and at a month I was going up and down stairs unassisted. I recommend Dr. Gregory Johnson and Merrimack Valley Hospital to anyone.» Bruce Prescott, Georgetown
  • «Dr. Johnson performed a full right hip replacement on me. He is a brilliant and amazing surgeon. I was most pleased with the quick recovery and healing due to Dr. Johnson's skill. The care was phenomenal, wonderful and gave me a new lease on life. I am just so glad I chose Associates in Orthopedics and Dr. Johnson. Everyone there is top notch.» Bettie, Merrimac, MA