Orthopedic Clinic in Danvers, MA

Located 15 miles southeast of our offices in North Andover, the town of Danvers is located within the heart of the North Shore. Home to several historic points of interests as well as parks and athletic facilities, there's always a place to get exercise in Danvers! The town is also home to an indoor water park, providing a perfect place to swim and relax during long, hot summer days. Danvers is home to five public elementary schools, a middle and high school, and several private schools. The Danvers Falcons offer athletics year-round, including ten sports in winter, eight in spring and seven in the fall months. While every precaution to be careful may be taken, accidents can still happen at any time, leading to orthopedic injuries. If you or your child have experienced an injury that requires a specialist, make an appointment with Associates in Orthopedics today!

About Our Orthopedic Practice

Associates in Orthopedics has been serving the North Shore of Massachusetts since 1979. Our practice has expanded from one trained physician to doctors and surgeons specializing in each area, from your shoulders to your toes. Each physician on staff is board-certified and will be with you for each stage of treatment, from initial diagnosis through rehabilitative therapy. Because we are affiliated with several local hospitals, the physician you work with will be with you through your surgery, providing seamless treatment. Injuries and conditions we treat include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Joint damage and replacement
  • ACL tears

Orthopedic Diagnosis, Treatment & Physical Therapy in Danvers, MA

Pain should not be allowed to take over your life and limit your activities. If you are experiencing pain due to an orthopedic condition or injury, contact Associates in Orthopedics to set up an appointment with a specialist today. We have offices in North Andover and Haverhill in order to provide you with the most convenient option. Associates in Orthopedics can be reached by calling T-978.373.3851.